Little fun and sweet wonders (includes photos).

Little open heart wonders
Little adventure wonders


SOOO meaningful!


I don’t know 100% exactly! But I suspect that some of the reasons that we can find fun deeply fulfilling have to do with human bonding (ahhh the role of fun and humour in hearts bonding), experiencing joy, lightening hearts and burdens, and helping us to enjoy life, which I think is part of the meaning in, and purpose of, life.

‘So I commend the enjoyment of life,
because there is nothing better for a person under the sun than to
eat and drink and be glad.’

– Ecclesiastes 8:15a.

There are many times it’s not the right time, of course, ‘There is a time for everything.’ But definitely there are times. It sounds so simple … but I think it is a profound and true thing 🙂 (that is both underestimated or overestimated in different circles). Also that enjoying is something that can be learned, at least to an extent. I think this is a truth common throughout places and time … Children seem to engage in it, many wise people agree …

I think that God smiles when we smile, that God invented humour and could probably have us all in fits with His wit if He wanted to, and God laughs when we laugh (isn’t it funny to think of God laughing? Whaaaat would that sound like?! XD =D) ?!

Anyway, on the theme of Little Wonders with my Ship Fam-ILY, apart from the open hearts and adventure already shared, it’s the little things, not just the big things, that give colour to the fabric of life. Part of the little things are the random quirks and little beauties that surrounded me in the people I lived with in the simple every day – these brought little joys into my heart XD ❤

Whether it be bumping into chaplain Nick and us trying to figure out a creative way of answering, ‘How are you?’ each time we met, mischievous supplies worker Gabriela making surprise funny, pink, frivolous birthday things to cover a stoic sailor’s door in, talented ping-pongers (yes, people, the ship has a ping-pong table xD), the African community shakin’ it on deck (dem Africans know how to dooooooo!!!!! xD You can watch in the videos on the page I give the link to below)) or giving me flack about my crocs (apparently my crocs were ugly?? xD They threatened to steal my crocs, and when I wore different shoes they were so happy, even taking ‘my shoe off my feet to wave it around!’ (diary) … It was the only feasible option to give my crocs to one of them as a parting gift when I left :P), videographer Josh and I buying popcorn for each other as support and encouragement – at the same time, without each other even knowing (! ❤ love you Josh), the following photos and words are a few random bits and bobs on the wonderful people who coloured my home for nine months 🙂

(If you are interested in seeing the #EverydayLifeOnTheAFM quirks of my Mercy Ships crewmates in real-time motion, I highly recommend the videos of my wonder-full shipmates here)

How can you not smile when Jessie gives you a cookie larger than his face (that I THINK he made? =D) (left), and Angenickel is around?? 😛 (right).

Messages from nurse Naomi after she left the ship:


They came to the ship as Naomi Reed & Benjamin Porter. Today they share the same last name 😉 #LoveBoatStrikesAgain

‘Good morning Euni! I was wondering if I could please ask you a favour?’
‘Hey Naomi! of course! What’s up?’
‘It’s nothing urgent, just something sweet I was hoping you could do for me.. Do you think you could please get an iced coffee from the cafe (one shot espresso, a squirt of chocolate syrup, milk and ice) and take it Ben (her fiancé at the time; now married!! =D) in the galley sometime between 2.45 and 3.45?

‘… Ah if you wanted to write a note that would be fab! Thank you!!! Maybe ‘Dear Ben, You have served well these last ten months. Thinking of you on your last day. I love you. Love Nomes’


Top left – Botchi and Bubbles … can you spot the  bubble ? (Hint: it’s GIGANTIC :P) Gadget-man Josh made a bubble-wand!!!
Top right – Zumba. ‘Nuff said.
Bottom – pancake partaaaaaaaay


Sweet lady Justine 😉 #PunIntended

I joke to lovely photographer coworker Justine as she comes into the office that I got her e-mail saying she was going to give us heaps of Bueno Kinders! Key word being: joke.

After she leaves, I hear a sound on the door – there is Justine waving two kinder Buenos in the glass! What a sweetheart ❤

Lololol. Try and come up with captions for the above xD

If you gave up, top left – it was raining. We needed an umbrella. 😛 
Top right – 
someone’s been working hard 😛
Bottom – Sailing is not conducive to foozball table staying put.

Left – The foodline once! 😛
Middle – Aure introducing his new friend to me!
Right – This is what some of the vacuum cleaners look like on the ship! =D Smart inventor realised that the backpack nature helps to transport it to one’s cabin decks below.

Left- Santa’s elf visited the ship at Christmas! 😛
Top right – my namako translators ❤
Bottom right – I think this was someone’s birthday?? 😛

These boys + ping pong bats = dangerous!!! 😉 …. Wish I’d learned my lesson haha 😛

People, if you ever share a bunkbed, share it with a nurse.
Jaclyn was sooo caring when I got sick. She was also sooo caring when I was healthy =D
She’s the left-most girl in the top left photo.

The top right and bottom photos appear to be Mercy-Shipper boys playing around with gravity! :

Jen Epp was telling me about how sometimes with things that we are not happy about on the ship, God reminds us of the good. For example, thin walls on the ship. She once woke up to the sound of off-key singing … out-of-tune worship. It was out of tune, but she thought that the worship was beautiful..

Jesse once asked me if I wanted a virgin rum and coke. #LOL. xD

Top left – There’s a cupboard with board games in it for all you board-game lovers! =D
Bottom left – We did this with quite a few of our evenings 😛
Right – shirts so buzzy the photo is on its side!!!

Important note: please know that I am only pulling out the good memories. Yes, I and many others, genuinely had a wonderful time, but that doesn’t lessen any of the brokenness one can still feel amongst wonderful people in a wonderful place. There are still broken relationships, loneliness (especially when you’re surrounded by people, I think it can make it lonelier), imperfections – the ship community is not perfect because it is made of humans, and I don’t want to give a falsely glossy impression.


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