Other Mercy Shippers’ blogs!

The stories I share on this blog are only a few of the countless stories that were lived on our ship. I am only one perspective.

Other people, other perspectives, bore witness to the beauty.

Nurse Amy Humphrey,

‘It’s one of the crazy things around this ship that you can be walking to get your morning tea and two floors below a muscle transfer is happening.’

Have a listen to my friends – who are interesting and insightful, often far more than me – in their links below 🙂
Let their words sink in, fill you with their meatiness, make you feel, make you think, inspire, challenge you …

Alphabetical order.

Amy Humphrey. Nurse.
Amy Jones. Nurse.
Beth Coughlin. Nurse.
Catherine Murphy. Previous AFM writer.
Emma & Matt Morrison. Nurses.
David Ekermo. Nurse.
Deb Louden. Nurse.
Heather Morehouse. Nurse.
Josh Callow. Videoggrapher.
Katie Keegan. Photographer.
Kyle Siemens. Media liaison.
Marris Smith. Palliative care nurse.
Marta Chase. Nurse.
Naomi Reed (now Porter ;)) #LoveBoatStrikesAgain). Nurse.
Ruben & Mirjam Plomp. Photographer & nurse.
Shanna Fortnum (now Stevenson ;)) #LoveBoatStrikesAgain. Hairdresser.
Sharon Walls. AFM writer for field service after me and Mercy Ships NZ comms manager.
Tanya Sierra. Fellow AFM writer.

If you are a Mercy Shipper and have a Mercy Ships-related blog and would be keen to have me feature it here, please feel free to message me! Would love to keep spreading the stories and the love! 




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