P.S. Inner Euni

P.S. The Ship, Post-Ship, Pre-Ship.
Inner Euni Thinking Out Loud 🙂

Reasons I did not want to write these blogposts.


I am not my own.
Coming home part I: how it felt to come home.
Coming home part II: seasons and friendships.
Coming home part III: building home.
My Life House building prayers.
My shooting stars.


Cultivation of my inner life: introduction and why.
Cultivation of my relationship with God.
Cultivation of my heart.
Cultivation of my mind: patterns part I.
Cultivation of my mind: learning part II


This world is a TARDIS that keeps getting bigger: intro (humility).

The world is a TARDIS: curiosity and creativity

The world is a TARDIS: the art of adventure

People are TARDISes: diverse.
People are TARDISes: complex
Part I: open,
part II: observations,
part III: implications

Let’s love our TARDIS selves.

For those who are struggling with confusion.

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