Soul Snapshots

What is a ‘Soul Snapshot?’ Legitimate question! =D
Scroll down below this list to find out 🙂


Things That Prove Learning Is Cool
Homo sapiens estheraceae (a plant-loving animal)
Curiosity Does Not Kill The Cam
The Reuel Deal On Uni, EU, Law & Info Tech
Billy – The Boy Who Made His Mother Proud
What Happens When You Put Zach Into A Lab With A Camera
An Honourable Scientist Of The First Class (Yukti)
Acknowledgements Of Some Brainy People

Things On Saving The World
 Annaliese is Salty For Social Justice
The Girl With The Symmetrical Face (Hayley’s Heart)
Radiant Monique 
The Art Of Being Wrecked (Tanya)
I Am A Coward, But Laurie Is Not
Kimmie The Fair Warrior Disney Princess

Things About Travelling
Bonjour Bonny Bonnie Explorer
Jerome Givin’ Us The Plane Facts On Travelling
Motorbikeling Viking (Danny)
Karlo Gives Euro-Trip Tips
Charles Likes Moving Things & Confidence

Things That Are Nice To Listen To
Rubber Band
Cochlear Vibrations (An Ode To Talented Singers) 🙂
Anoosh – Where Words Fail

Things That Are Nice To Look At
If You Are What You Eat, Kelly Is A Sweet 😛
Clayton Takes Photos I Enjoy Looking At!
Our Famous New Zealand Scenery
Taste, See, Hear The Lord Of A Capella’s Creativity (Andrew)

Things That People Have Thought Or Been Taught About Life
My Shorter Twin (Debs)
On Love Lives
Lochana Heft Meer Mhmmmm
My Strong Buddy-Guard Joshi
pRovocAtive typogRAphY
Solyneth Is The Sherlock To My Watson
Being Frank About Friendship
Sajid Has Self-Esteem
Why Did The Man Zach Loves Have To Die?
Jessica – Ma Grande Soeur Pour Un Ans
Choon Wei & Sajid – Med School?
E’s Journey With Depression
A Rainbow’s Ambitions (Andrew) & Christine’s Legacy
A Stranger’s Beautiful Thoughts On Those Who Didn’t Vote

Things That Rhyme Sometimes, & Sometimes Not (Poems)
An Anonymous Plea To Youth And All Who Love Them
With Her Teeth She Tears The Vulture Cages [UNEDITED POEM VERSION]
Poemed By Laura

[I thought I’d include two pre-ship blogposts:

BEaUtiFUL – BEing yoU to the FULl
Come, Unity (AKA The Remaining 78%)

Pre-Mercy Ships Journey: Chapter 1
Pre-Mercy Ships Journey: Chapter 2
(I’m leaving out Chapter 3)

Monday 23rd June 2014

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are reading this blog, and we are friends, and you are not one of the posts in the Soul Snapshots category, please do not read anything into that at all, I love you lots, It’s Not You … It’s Me 😦 I have several years’ worth of stuff that I need to get done by September 2014 when I fly to Benin for Mercy Ships and only about 3 months to do it all in!! If someone has one of those time-turner things that Hermione had I would greatly appreciate if you lent it to me …

Also, the views represented by others in the posts are not necessarily aligned with my own 🙂

“No man (/woman) is an island.” – John Donne

Friendly shadows 🙂

If I haven’t met you before … Hiiii 🙂

The desire to compile the following collection of posts leapt into my mind because I realised … This Is It.

I’m leaving the country soon for a number of months, and yes I’m coming back, but who knows what will happen by then?

I’m/we’re in our early 20s, a shifting stage, still trying to find myself/ourselves, constantly up-skilling and learning and experiencing and searching. Things change. You’ll change. I’ll change.

And I’ve realised that my life has been so touched by these beautiful souls – from those I don’t see that often but still feel full of admiration for, to those whose numbers I accidentally dial when calling out because that’s how often I talk to them – and I feel it would be a pity to not share their touch with the world. I want to Document Their Awesome. To allow their impact to live on to inspire someone else, as they have me.

So if you’d like to learn more about some of these people’s thoughts, read on.
(Soul Snapshots category)

Beware though, you might just feel yourself melt 😉

(But then again you might not. Either way, thank you for stopping by :))

To my beloved whanau (family) and hoa (friends), this is what I have to say to you:

i got yo back-standing wave =P (shown to me by melody =))

Me lovely Melody showed this image to a few years ago. It’s on the internet – I’m not sure who came up with it. Someone genius. It remains, to this day, the best image of stick men I have ever seen.

I pay tribute to you now.

Usually I would describe you as ‘awesome’, but thinking about it, it would be actually more accurate to call you guys ‘awe-full!!’

Awesome implies that you impart some awe, when really you all leave people behind feeling full of awe. My gorgeous, awe-full, people.

In the words of one of you (Lochana), ‘I channel you.’ Sometimes when I want to be a better version of myself but don’t know how, I pull memories of you to follow. Some of you are the wisest, kindest, cleverest, funniest, most creative, original, deep-thinking, challenging, positive, dream-pursuing, talented, knowledgeable, interesting and inspiring people I know. It’s highly contagious; you constantly motivate me, and others, to be better human beings. I love your variety and how differently everyone thinks – rainbows and auroras are beautiful because of their diverse colours (and, for accuracy’s sake, their ethereal quality and the occasional pot of gold. Thank you btw friend who flew me through that rainbow this year 😛 (I’m not even kidding. Yea pilots!)). You expand my mind. You teach me. You humble me. You make me laugh. You remind me to live an other-centred story, instead of a self-centred story. So thank you. God gave me you.

Even though I feel like, with some of you, our paths are slowly parting (so this is what growing up is like. It has saddened me), I still think of you.

“Because I knew you, I have been changed For Good”

                                                                                               – Glinda & Elphaba, Wicked.


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